A New Rust GUI Framework

Alchemy is a Rust GUI Framework, backed by native widgets on each platform it supports, with an API that's a blend of those found in AppKit, UIKit, and React Native. It supports a JSX-ish syntax (RSX), styling with CSS, the safety of building in Rust, and a familiar API for many developers who build UI on a daily basis. The goal is to provide an API that feels at home in Rust, while striving to provide a visual appearance that's easy to scan and parse. It does not, and will never, require nightly. It's still early stages, but feedback and contributions are welcome.

What's It Look Like?

use alchemy::{
    AppDelegate, Error, RSX, rsx, 
    styles, View, Window, WindowDelegate

struct AppState {
    window: Window

impl AppDelegate for AppState {
    fn did_finish_launching(&mut self) {
        self.window.set_dimensions(10., 10., 600., 600.);

struct WindowState;

impl WindowDelegate for WindowState {
    fn render(&self) -> Result<RSX, Error> {
        Ok(rsx! {
            <View styles=["box"]>
                <View styles=["innerbox"] />

fn main() {
    let app = alchemy::shared_app();

    app.register_styles("default", styles! {
        box {
            background-color: #307ace;
            width: 300;
            height: 300;
            margin-top: 10;
            padding-top: 10;

        innerbox {
            background-color: #003366;
            width: 200;
            height: 200;

    app.run(AppState {
        window: Window::new(WindowState {

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